The Texts

There are loads of texts out there, but you probably want me to widdle down what I mean by texts within the context of this blog.

For starters, this blog will mainly focus on literature that is lengthy; in other words, this means books. These books will range from anywhere from 100 pages to 800 pages, maybe more(?). I’ll do my best to produce a schedule of texts that I will be engaging throughout the year(s). Yes, that means, you will be able to keep me accountable for what I am reading. If there is a variation, then I will make sure to let everyone know. Most of the books in this blog will cover business administration, Christian theology, leadership, philosophy, sociology, psychology, and education.

I’m willing to take suggestions, but I will admit that this blog has much more value because it is about what I want to read. But, I’m hopeful that what I read will be beneficial for you and myself.

As you peruse the blog, you’ll notice that I have journals articles I will dissect, and it is geared more for academics, so it’ll be got a bit more jargon.

I’ll eventually get to interpreting music, but I want to center around the principal subject that matters for a good majority of you which is helping everyone engage texts (i.e., books) because I want you to pick up books having a real good handle already on what the author wants to thrust upon us to consider.

Every so often, within the opinion section, you’ll see me go off the books and write a quick little diddy on something, whether that be a social influencer’s blog, something I’ve overheard, or explicating some cliche line. Or, more than likely, I’ll give an opinion about something going on within the world that I think deserves a moment of reflection because in the grand scheme of things actions and texts.

Last, I have the section called, “Mic Check.” I’m asked to speak at my job, and I thought it may encourage or cause you to consider what I’m talking on during that appointment. I hope you enjoy this blog! I hope you follow, and I hope we get a chance to dialogue.

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