Drop Down Menu

So, you clicked on this one. Let me explain a bit more about the drop-down menu dubbed “Christianity.” There are three categories within this menu option, and I think it is only fair I tell you what each one is about.


Op-Ed focuses on topics within Christian Theology or Philosophy that I’m learning or trying to work out, but also this is where I give my opinions on topics within the grand Jesus Community that you probably know as the Church.

Mic Check

Mic Check is the times when I got a chance to preach or speak about the Bible, Christian Theology, and all the other opportunities that might come along someone hands you a microphone.


I love interpreting Scripture, so I’m using this section to create sort of devotional like material about passages within Scripture, or it could even be a series of continual reflections and investigations into the beauty of the writings of the apostles and prophets about God’s story with humanity.

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