My name is Philip Worrall. I’m the youngest of six, with four older brothers and an older sister. I’m overly critical of myself, so I don’t do produce much but I’m trying to change that. I love thinking, writing, and reading, especially when it is about Christian Theology, Philosophy, and the Bible.

I’ve been a pastor, a student, and in sales. I try to give everything I have away to people for free. I have an advanced humanities degree from Fuller Theological Seminary, personally focused on theology, philosophy, and culture.

Ultimately, I hope you get a great deal out of my blog! But, this is for my development, and spreading some knowledge about the books I’m reading and cracking open a bit of what I am working on within my mind. I hope to become a theologian for the Church and the World, eventually get my PhD.

I’ll write on interpreting the Bible, books, reviews of articles, and much more. I don’t shy away from what brings me joy, and it happens to be a lot. Just so we are clear, I’m Reformed…I’m chasing to make an impact the same way John Calvin and Karl Barth did. If you ask me why, it is simple. I think that’s why God put me here —to write and think about the God of the Gospel for the church. Not to mention, I’ll write what I can on the topic of leadership too. It is important because leadership starts with yourself.

Joy is the simplest form of gratitude.

— Karl Barth

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