The Creation Debate?

The god particle is a recent post from Jesse Carey, who contributes to RELEVANT, on the ongoing Creation debate. For some, the debate is not over the reality of Creation, like some evangelicals…it is really about the authority and inspiration of Scripture. While on the side of many people is the reality of what science has been leading us to believe is “HOW” the cosmos was formed.

The debate on whether God did or did not create the world in six literal 24 hour days is a hot button issue for many conservatives. This is part of my “night cap” section for the specific reason of directing you to a place, where I think it was well-written and thoughtful. If you fall on either side of the line, congrats…I really don’t care.

My view is still out, because I think there are certain things, other than the context of Genesis 1-3, within Scripture making this debate and conversation nulled and void, yet I understand articulating it is critically important. In other words what I am saying is: I’m still thinking about it, and it is okay for me to say that.


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