Welcome to the place where some narrator tells you who writes the most on this website. Well, that would be me; the name is Philip Geoffrey Worrall. Here are the bullet points that I want to be upfront with you, reader.

I am an ardent Christian, meaning, I genuinely believe this whole Jesus person is God. I am an aspiring theologian and philosopher.

I am an avid reader and pursuer of knowledge for the flourishing of others.

What I am trying to state can best be understood through the words of Cornel West, “I [am trying] to be a man of letters in love with ideas in order to be a wiser and more loving person, hoping to leave the world just a little better than I found it.” 

I would describe myself as appropriately functional in a world where everything is fractured and piecemeal. I get adulated for tacos, chicken tikka masala, and Pho.

I have giant headphones on most of the time because I am constantly listening to music; it keeps me focused and calm. I’m a nerd, and I am an athlete.
I’m 27 with an MA in Theology, and I’ve been labeled as ambitious with a dash of the peculiar.

I’m currently in Lubbock, TX as the Director of Spiritual Formation at LakeRidge UMC. Los Angeles (really, Pasadena) is home. Pennsylvania grown.

Sibling to four cool, older brothers and an older sister —not to mention some dope in-laws. My nieces and nephews gave me new eyes towards things that became hard and calloused. 

Three of my favorite musicians: Chance the Rapper, Tobe Nwigwe, and Twenty-One Pilots.

I’m a diehard, I mean diehard Cleveland Browns fan. Art is dope. God is doper. French Toast is the ultimate breakfast food, fight me, I dare you. 





Oh, by the way, I will probably write more about the Bible and Theology, than anything else but who knows.